Technical Theater


Monday - 3/12 - lecture Ch. 10 Lights and sound/Production work

Tuesday - 3/13 - TEST over Ch. 10 Lights and sound/Production work

Wednesday - 3/14 - Lecture Interior Designs/Independent Production Work

Thursday - 3/15 - Lecture Interior Designs/Independent Production Work

Friday - 3/16 - Independent Production Work

Power Points

Stage Safety

Chapter 1- Production Sequence and Job Descriptions

Chapter 2 - Design Process

Chapter 3 - History

Chapter 4 - The Stage and Its Equipment

Chapter 5 - Theater Style

Move- In and Move-Out and Band Setup

Ch. 8 - Tools and Materials

Ch. 10 - Lights, Sound, and Specialty Applications

Interior Designs

Knots - Bowline, 2-half-hitches, square knot, taut-line hitch, clove hitch

Interior Design

Mixing Sound

Scale Drawing

Student Participation Points:
About every week I will award participation points to students' grades based upon the the following criteria...
1. Compliance with instructions
2. Willful participation in assigned activity
3. Positive attitude toward task
4. Successful completion of assigned task within reasonable amount of time

Course Description: Students will be expected to learn and practice aspects of set design and construction, lighting and sound for the stage, elements of costuming, makeup, properties, and stage management. Additionally, students will learn the safe operation and use of all hand and power tools. Grades:
Grades are based on total points possible. A majority of students' points will be achieved through direct participation in activities, homework, and tests. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE EQUAL TURNS STAFFING SCHOOL FUNCTIONS IN THE PAC AND ELSEWHERE. ASSIGNMENTS ARE MADE BY INSTRUCTOR THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.

Format and Procedures
Behavioral Expectations:

Preparation: Make-up Work:
If a student misses an assignment, the student is responsible for asking for missed work. Excused absences will be allowed sufficient time for make up, pursuant to Caddo Parish School Board policies.
If a student does not submit work on the date due, the work will receive 50% credit if turned in the next class period. Thereafter, late work will not be accepted.
If there is a problem with meeting the due date, the parent or guardian must contact me by phone or email to make appropriate arrangements.

Course Requirements
1. Class attendance must be observed in accordance with Caddo Parish School Board Policies.
2. Assignments:
WORK SATURDAYS FOR BOTH FALL AND SPRING PRODUCTIONS! Four immediately preceding each opening night. Attendance at one of the four is a test grade. Attendance at any in addition to one is worth 40 bonus points per attendance.

3. Assessments
Exams will be given at the completion of each unit of study. A variety of assessments will be used to accommodate all learning styles, including constructed response, essay and multiple choice.

Expected Classroom Behavior:
Have all materials and assignments in class each day.
No touching others or their property without permission.
No profane or offensive language at any time in the classroom unless you hurt yourself, then you can curse, but, if you must curse, do it softly enough that no one hears.


  • Food or drinks must be authorized by teacher
  • NO hall passes will be given for any reason, unless you are paged by the office or I need you to run an errand for school/class-related reasons.
  • All essays to be graded must be done in blue or black ink only, or typed in a standard font.
  • Discipline for classroom violations will be administered pursuant to the Caddo Parish School Board prescribed table for minor and major violations.

Academic Integrity
Each student in this course is expected to abide by Caddo Parish rules. Any work submitted by a student in this course for academic credit will be the student's own work. You are encouraged to study together and to discuss information and concepts covered in lecture and the sections with other students. You can give "consulting" help to or receive "consulting" help from such students. However, this permissible cooperation should never involve one student having possession of a copy of all or part of work done by someone else, in the form of an e mail, an e mail attachment file, a diskette, or a hard copy.

Should copying occur, both the student who copied work from another student and the student who gave material to be copied will both automatically receive an "F" for the assignment. Penalty for violation of this Code can also be extended to include failure of the course and school disciplinary action.

During examinations, you must do your own work. Talking or discussion is not permitted during the examinations, nor may you compare papers, copy from others, or collaborate in any way. Any collaborative behavior during the examinations will result in failure of the exam, and may lead to failure of the course and school disciplinary action.

Accommodations for students with disabilities:

I will provide appropriate academic accommodations that may be required for any student.

Required Supplies:
Scale ruler and graph paper
Notebook Paper - PLENTY OF IT!!
Girls - Hand Sanitizer
Boys - Facial Tissue