Video Journalism Homework Web Page

Important Dates:

December 20 - Due date for scripts to be submitted for LA Film Prize Junior
April 5, 2018 - Deadline for films submitted for LA Film Prize Junior
April 29, 2018 - winner announced for LA Film Prize Jr.

Next Production Deadline: Monday, 1/22      CMTV Episode 8 airs on Wednesday, 1/24 - ALL EDITED STORIES MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO THE PRODUCTION DEADLINE, NOT AT THE LAST MINUTE

PSA Assignment...

Using stock audio and video footage, the student will produce two 15- second Public Service Announcements (PSA) for a grade of 50 points each. (Total of 100 pts). The PSAs must be saved in a movie format and emailed to the instructor by the due date. For every day the project is not turned in on time, one letter grade will be deducted from the project grade. Some examples of award-winning PSAs are HERE!

On a sheet of paper list and describe...
1. A non-profit organization of your choice, local, regional, national. (Non-profits usually enjoy tax-exempt status.
2. A statement about what the mission of the organization is. Usually found on the organization''s website.
3. A statement about the key message of your PSAs. A description of what the PSA is trying to get the viewer to feel and then to do.
4. A call to action - what your audience can do immediately to show their support for the issue. (Call the number on the screen, email your representative, etc...)
4. A script - physical scene descriptions and blocking in italics, dialogue in quotations. One script for each PSA.

Time: Two (2) @ 15 seconds each. MUST BE EXACTLY 15 SECONDS LONG!



Thursday, 1/18 - Production work

Friday, 1/19 - - DUE FROM STUDENTS ON PAPER - script for PSA

Monday, 1/22 - Episode 8 DEADLINE FOR STORIES

Tuesday, 1/23 - DUE FROM STUDENTS - Copy of PSAs emailed to instructor.

Wednesday, 1/24 - EPISODE 8 AIRS

Rationale: The video journalism class exists to train students in the techniques of video production and to provide students with separate performance venues in which students will present video productions created specifically for those venues.

Students will learn elements of news gathering, public service announcements, advertising, marketing/promotion, basic HTML programming, and design (balance, composition, element weight, style, emphasis, contrast, and others)

Throughout the year students will work in teams to meet specific production goals that are defined by the teacher. Students will be afforded opportunity to work independently and in groups to meet production goals in the prescribed time.

Student Jobs:

Producer - this student is responsible for the final look and feel of the production, its overall design, and aesthetic presentation. This student supervises the progress of the production to keep it on schedule. This student is responsible for editing all the segments into a coherent whole, and uploading the finished production to the server.

Reporter - this student/s will be responsible for the production of the news segment for that production. Duties include news gathering,(5-Ws) from all school-sponsored events, including sporting and non-sporting, audio and video editing, and research.

Technical Assistant - this student/s will work with and advise the reporters and producer to solve technical problems involving format incompatibility, networking, application use, and any other technical issues that arise.

Technical Director - this student is responsible for maintaining the various directories and permissions created on the video server. (Youtube) This student reports directly to the class instructor. This student will work with the Technical Assistants to solve any and all technical problems that arise throughout the year, such as format compatibility, file organization, application and utility operation and troubleshooting. This student is also responsible for inventorying all production equipment, its maintenance, setup and strike. This student is also responsible for assignment/coordination of liaisons with campus groups i.e. yearbook, drama, et. al.

Features Reporter - this student/s will produce and edit timely segments that pertain to issues familiar to the students of the school. This student must obtain approval and permission from the instructor before beginning production work on segment.


Campus Display Boards: - this venue is served to CMHS students and parents via electronic display boards around the school and consists of bi-monthly productions including news, features, editorial opinions, reminders/calendar, and other segments, much like CMTV. This format will be an abbreviated version of CMTV with an emphasis placed upon news, policy and event reminders, and growing school spirit. The jobs will be the same as listed for CMTV above.

CMHS Yearbook - One student will communicate and work with yearbook staff satisfying their need to participate in the Aurasma program. This student will also consult and work with the CMTV Technical Director to overcome any technical challenges that arise.

Web- web storage on Youtube servers is for presentation of CMTV broadcasts and for organizational and archival purposes. The Tech Director will be responsible for creating public and private directories and will upload videos for specific purposes.

The class will be performance-oriented and students will receive a weekly performance grade based upon their successful completion of assigned duties. In addition, students will receive periodic lectures and written material related to video journalism upon which they will be tested in a traditional format.